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Pianos Puig Barcelona organitza regularment esdeveniments relacionats amb el món musical i acadèmic com concerts al nostre local, cursos didàctics i classes magistrals. Posem el nostre espai i els nostres instruments al servei dels músics.
Pianos Puig Barcelona organiza regularmente eventos relacionados con el mundo musical y académico como conciertos en nuestro local, cursos didácticos y clases magistrales. Ponemos nuestro espacio y nuestros instrumentos al servicio de los músicos.

Raphaël Sudan

Divendres, dia 13 d'octubre de 2017 a les 20:00

Raphaël Sudan: Récital de piano

Creatividad musical, sentido profundo de colores y atmósferas, gran control técnico y una expresividad muy variada. Esos son las palabras de los jueces que otorgaron el Premio Pierre et Renée Glasson a Raphaël Sudan, por el mismo programa que tocará este otoño en España. Mezclando música clásica, contemporánea e improvisación (Rameau, Liszt y Messiean), la primera parte del recital representa una serie de cantos de pájaros. La segunda parte es un homenaje a Ludwig van Beethoven, con su Sonata op. 101.

Ganador del Premio Pierre et Renée Glasson en 2017, del Premio del Público al concurso de Improvisación del conservatorio de Versailles en 2009 y del Premio de la Dirección del conservatorio de Fribourg en 2008, Raphaël Sudan es un músico versátil, tanto en estilos clásicos y contemporáneos como en improvisación libre. Artista generoso, invita al público a adentrarse en un mundo sonoro poético, lleno de imaginación, respetando los estilos de los compositores que forman parte de su programa.


J.-P. Rameau : "Le rappel des Oiseaux"

O. Messiaen : "L'alouette Calandrelle"

J.-P. Rameau : "La poule"

O. Messiaen : "La grive Musicienne"

F. Liszt : "Saint-François d'Assise, la Prédication aux oiseaux" (leyenda n°2)


L.v. Beethoven : Sonate op. 101


Raphaël Sudan is both a piano and an improvisation professor at the « Ecole de Musique du Pays d'Enhaut », in Château d'Oex, Switzerland. He is also the titular pianist of « La Landwehr », official music society of the City and the State of Fribourg. Despite his young age, he gives many recitals, most frequently in Switzerland, Europe and North America, and is frequently invited by orchestras to perform as a solist.

Born in 1985 in Fribourg, Raphaël Sudan follows his training of classical piano at the Conservatoire de Fribourg, where he first receives the teaching diploma with the best marks and the distinction "excellent" in 2008. Then he receives his Master of Arts in Musical Performance at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Lausanne, in Ricardo Castro's class. Currently, he follows some postgrade studies at the Conservatori del Liceu, in Barcelona, Spain, with distinguished pianist and professor Luiz de Moura Castro. At the same time, he takes lessons as a private student with professor Paul Badura-Skoda, to improve his knowledges in the classical styles. In 2014, he releases his first piano-solo album, featuring works of Bach, Schubert, Liszt, and one of his own compositions.

Next to his classical training, he studies jazz piano, before choosing to practice free improvisation. He will improve this discipline with prof. Francis Vidil, at the Versailles Conservatory (France), where he earned the audience award at the final improvisation contest.

In 2010, he becomes an active member of the International Society for Improvised Music, which gave him the occasion to play with renown improvisers from all around the world, while travelling or assisting to international improvisation conferences. He also regularily gives masterclasses in several countries, featuring classical music and / or improvised music.

As a composer, he wrotes numerous works, including a Secular Oratorio for choir and symphonic orchestra ; three Musicals ; a piano sonata, as well as many choral or instrumental works. He still explores the multiple musical styles of our time, while always keeping a very strong attachment with romantic music and improvised music. He is also the author of many arrangements.

He played in numerous musical bands, featuring jazz and rock music, including the band « Time Grid », that recorded its first album, « Life », in 2013.

Current professional Situation

Piano and improvisation professor at the “Ecole de Musique du Pays-d'Enhaut”, Château d'Oex (AVCEM) since 2010

Conductor of the choir “Horizon”, Rue (FR) since 2005

Conductor of the brass band “La Montagnarde”, Château d'Oex since 2010

Official pianist of “La Landwehr” (official musical ensemble of the City and the Canton of Fribourg) since 2009

European Coordinator of the International Society for Improvised Music (ISIM) since 2014 – Active Member since 2010

Composer at Vocalis Editions since 2013


Private lessons – Classical Piano

Since 2013 Vienna (Austria)

With Professor Paul Badura-Skoda

Postgrade perfectionnement lessons – Classical Piano

Since 2012 Conservatori del Liceu Barcelon (Spain)

Class of Luiz Carlos de Moura Castro

Master studies in Classical Piano

2008-2010 HEM Lausanne Site of Fribourg

Class of Ricardo Castro

Studies in classical and modern improvisation

2008-2009 Conservatoire de Versailles Versailles (FR)

Class of Francis Vidil

Professional studies in Classical Piano

2003-2008 Conservatoire de Fribourg Fribourg

Class of Philippe Morard

Pre-pofessional studies in Classical Piano

2000-2003 Conservatoire de Fribourg Fribourg

Class of Jean-Claude Charrez

Studies in Jazz Piano

1995-2008 Conservatoire de Fribourg

Class of Max Jendly and Richard Pizzorno

Diplomas et rewards

Master of Arts in Musical Performance – Concert Diploma

2010 HEM de Lausanne Site de Fribourg

Class of Ricardo Castro

Audience's Award – Improvisation competition of Conservatoire de Versailles

2009 Conservatoire de VersaillesVersailles

Award in perfectionnement, Classical Piano

2009 Conservatoire de VersaillesVersailles

Class of Francis Vidil

Prize of the Direction, Conservatoire de Fribourg

2008 Conservatoire de FribourgFribourg

Classical Piano teaching diploma

2008 Conservatoire de Fribourg

Classe de Philippe Morard


2010 “Live @ the Phenix” Suisse/Allemagne

Duo Stritt-Sudan : Improvisation libre

2014 Piano Solo CD

Works of J.S. Bach, F. Schubert, F. Liszt and R. Sudan


  • Writing, conducting and scenary of multiple musicals, participation to numerous Cabaret shows.
  • 2 years of presidency of the Student's Association of the Conservatoire de Fribourg

youtube.com: Raphael Sudan

youtube.com: Raphael Sudan - Free Improvisastion